“The most unique quality of the Waterton United Church is that it exists in Waterton Lakes National Park.  By its mandate, the Park belongs to everyone (including future generations!) and so does the United Church in Waterton:  it is a united and uniting force, with a real history of outreach and service to people of faith and to the community at large.


Humanity has a great and timeless tradition of feeling close to God in the mountains, and visitors to this church are constantly inspired by the awesome view of Mount Vimy, framed so skilfully in 1961 by gifted architect George Watson.  It has been aptly called “The Church With a View!”


Mission Statement

“The Waterton United Church is a presence in the Park (Waterton Lakes National Park)  for

* Tourists, visitor, friends of all faiths;

* Local residents;

* Seasonal residents’

* Summer staff;

* Canyon Church Camp;


It is a place for worship, outreach, Christian education, reflection and renewal”.

—-Rev. Joyce Sasse, 1991.

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